Throwback Thursday

School for all of UGA started today, but its already the third day of class at the vet school! With studying to do it feels like I’ve been in class for a week already. Break went by too fast!

It was such a great break though, and here are some of the highlights!

1. Decorating the house with lights is always one of my favorite things because I love driving up our street to see the house all lit up.


2. I did some shopping and hung out with my sisters at Beans & Butter, our favorite coffeehouse.


The croissant and americano were amazing.


An americano is my current go-to drink–it reminds me of being in Vienna with my friend this past summer. #throwback


3. A visit to Ocmulgee National Monument Park. I tried to convince Ted he could live in a hut like this, but as you can see by his head poking out its not really built for tall people.


4. New Years Eve consisted of joining the entire retired community of Athens for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. It was quite fancy, complimentary sparkling cider and all.


5. And last, but CERTAINLY not least GO DAWWWWGS! I didn’t know much about football until I met Ted, and I have never been more invested in a game than I was in this one. It was an intense game to say the least.  It was so fun to watch the game in Athens and ring the bell on campus afterwards.  So proud to be a dawg! We are ‘SHIP bound!



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