Merry Christmas & First Year Update

First of all, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from me and my peeps to you and yours!


Secondly, I’ll tell you a bit about my first year of vet school, which I can hardly believe is half over! Up until the last anatomy test I’d still look around the lab and think, “Holy cow, I’m actually in vet school.” I feel incredibly blessed to be in the class of 2021.


I must say, it’s been quite an adjustment from undergrad to vet school, the course load is much heavier and there were many overwhelming moments.  However, with a semester under my belt I’m excited to tackle the next semester and perfect those studying skills (I swear my studying habits change from test to test; it’s a learning process 😉

When not buried in powerpoint slides about bacteria, I’ve kept up my running. Instead of holding myself to a strict training regime, I just ran to be in shape enough to run my half marathons and to relieve stress.  I never put a lot of pressure on myself to complete so many miles per week, which allowed me to enjoy the running I did do, and I did accomplish my goal of running 3 half marathons in 3 months!


I was hoping to get faster with each half, but I was worn out on the second one, the AthHalf, so I went into the third, the Thanksgiving Half pictured above, with low expectations. I ended up seeing a friend at the race and we ran the whole thing together. Having a buddy helped so much and I ended up PR’ing!

My halfs this semester were:

Atlanta Craft Classic: 1:57:10

Athens Half: 2:00:03

Thanksgiving Half: 1:56:21

Since the Thanksgiving Half I’ve taken it easy in the running scene so I’ll be excited to start up again in January. My love lies with the half marathon distance, but I’m going to give 5ks a shot again. I’ll start with the Donut Dare hosted by UGA Miracle. I ran this race last year, not participating in the dare to eat 10 donuts halfway through the race. Anyone think I should go for it this year?

Since I’ve had less time running on the roads the past month, I was of course studying for exams, but also doing all the fun Christmas-y things I could with my peeps.

The roommate and I went ice skating. We both successfully skated for 2 hours without falling!


Then all the roommates PLUS all the boyfriends went out for dinner, drinks, and a walk around downtown. People are always shocked when they hear I live with five other girls, but to be honest it’s a blast. I was only shocked that we got all 12 of us in one photo!


And back at the end of November my man Ted and I went out to celebrate 6 mo since our first date! We went to a place called South Kitchen and Bar. If you’re in Athens, check it out! It was the perfect date place, and their butternut squash fries are amazing.


I hope you all have had relaxing and joy-filled Christmas. I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments!


  • Any study tips?
  • Should I eat the donuts in the Donut Dare 5k?
  • What is your favorite Christmas tradition? –my family has a ton that I love, but every year I have to see some lights, whether its driving around the neighborhood with my siblings or walking around downtown with my friends.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & First Year Update

  1. 1. Don’t eat the donuts… and don’t slip on the second half of the race … on the other runners’ “donuts”… ugh…
    2. Memorizing is the worst for me. I always had to make up funny acronyms – works like a charm.
    3. You are so cool Katie! I love how amazing you are… Your Aunt Norma.

    Liked by 1 person

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