You Look Stunning in Yellow

Hello all!

School has swept me away, laughing at any attempt to write something of length or substance.  However, one of my classes is a poetry workshop class, which has exposed me to much more poetry and challenged my writing in many ways.  Most of what I’ve written has been an exercise, just playing around with words and forms, but yesterday I was working on what will be part of my portfolio and I created a poem I’d love to share.

It’s a villanelle, which is a form that I first wrote in about two years ago while at St. Andrews University.  The poem I wrote then was published in the student literary journal, Gravity Hill (feel free to check it out here).  Since then I did not commit myself to the strict rhyme scheme of the villanelle until yesterday.  I hope you enjoy it!


You Look Stunning in Yellow

You’re beautiful you know.

I’m afraid you don’t believe,

You look stunning in yellow.


Figure as slight as a shadow,

Still at the scale you grieve.

You’re beautiful you know.


You say you were pretty long ago,

Not any more you misconceive.

You look stunning in yellow.


Counting calories, full of sorrow

A look you must achieve.

You’re beautiful you know.


It’s not punishment you say so.

Stop being naïve.

You look stunning in yellow.


You don’t have to be size zero.

You still misperceive.

You’re beautiful you know,

You look stunning in yellow.


I was inspired to right this poem because in the past week the struggles of body image among women and girls stood out more than usual.  It’s just something that always seems to be there, and most struggle with it in some way, shape, or form.  Even the healthiest of my friends look at themselves differently in the mirror and often don’t see the beauty that those around them see.  Yellow may not be your favorite color, but this poem is for all the girls, ’cause you’re beautiful you know.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Feel free to share any comments you have!

Best, Kate.

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