List Poems

I have two list poems for you all today.  I wrote these while sitting on a large wooden chair set up by the side of a small farmers’ market.  The town of Athens is very inspiring since there is so much going on and many fascinating people.  I sat and ate my coconut icecream, watching the cars and bicyclists whiz by.  It’s simple, but I love the way a list poem flows and my brain composes a little beat to it.

Morning Rush

by Kate Buckley



Coffee stains

Large t-shirt

Torn sneakers

Breakfast bar

Loose papers

Due assignments

Brisk air

Slow cars

No change

Daily news

Ticking clock

Impatient boss

Busy days



Being a Townie

by Kate Buckley



Afternoon sunshine

Lonely bench

Streetcars passing

People chatting

Vegan muffin

Black Coffee

Local market

New book

Little shop

Light breeze

Bikers whizzing

Women walking

Dog barking

Me being

A townie


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