Meet Kwirky Kate & A Poem

Happy New Year’s to everyone!

Today I’d like to share with you a little more about myself and I have another poem for you at the end.

I am a college student, who in addition to dreaming of becoming an author one day, has dreamt of becoming a veterinarian. Honestly, I can’t remember when becoming a vet was not my plan. English and animals may not be the most connected subjects, yes, but somehow I hope to have time for both of them, in addition to the millions of other adventures I’d like to have!

Now I’ll share a couple of my favorite things (as promised on my Instagram):

  1. Favorite color: blue
  2. Favorite animal: as a future vet, I shouldn’t play favorites, but it’d be a horse 😉
  3. Favorite hobby/activity: horseback riding, running, hiking, reading, biking, meeting friends in coffee shops…this could be a very long list.
  4. Ideal vacation: hhmm… so many places to go. One vacation I’d like to have would be in a cabin where it’s snowing and there are mountains and I can learn how to ski (I still haven’t figured out water skiing so maybe snow skiing will stick)
  5. Favorite time of day: morning
  6. Favorite book: The Silmarillion
  7. Favorite movie: The Princess Bride
  8. Favorite food: Sweet Potatoes!! I will literally eat these every day, no problem.
  9. Favorite quote: “Not all who wander are lost.” by J.R.R.Tolkien
  10. Favorite goal for the new year: hiking more of the Appalachian Trail (I hiked for 2weeks in 2016 and loved it)

Now a New Year’s Eve Poem for you:

This Moment

By Kate Buckley


People wait in anticipation

Hands clenched around glasses of champagne

Eyes watching the clock.

I see them in the hazy room,

They seem to be frozen, or time is moving slow


Their shoulders touched by loved ones

Bodies tensed

Minds resolute that

This will be good,

This will be better


Than the last.

I wonder if they know

What lies ahead

I wish I could warn them

Prepare their hearts for…

Instead I too watch the clock


I see their merry smiles and happy feet

I let them continues on in bliss

Time speeds up, some crouch to jump,

Some turn to kiss.

This moment is theirs



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