A Poem: Fog

I have loved the artist Halsey since I heard her song “Colors”.  Since then one of my favorite songs by her has been “Strange Love” and one line that stands out to me is “They wrote a story in the fog on the windows”.  I loved the idea of writing in fog, it reminded me of drawing on the car window while driving on a rainy day and of being in the mountains, lost in fog and away from the strange realities of society.  When I wrote this I was also thinking about how fleeting love can be, especially when you love someone, but you know it cannot be anything more because in reality things wouldn’t work out. Inspired by these thoughts I wrote this poem.


–Inspired by the line “They wrote a story in the fog on the windows”

in Strange Love, by Halsey


They wrote a story in the fog.

img_3645Their lives intertwined,

Dreams whispered,

Drawn on the window,

Laced in condensation

Hiding reality.

The window cries.

Large droplets gather and run


With the dawn and the dew

Their story melts away.


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